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How It Works

The Murson project was conceived as an add on business to our existing trading activities at High Lane Garage – HLG. It is a logical step, recognising and addressing a gap in the market and a business model which is happy to “give something back”. We¬† we hope this aspect will be noticed and followed by others, benefiting worthy causes as part of their normal trading.

Ethical businesses are gaining momentum in the 21st century and those working within them derive satisfaction from knowing that they are doing good. Our HLG business has been involved in many worthy causes since 1993 and our customers have responded by their incredible loyalty.

Murson in its embryonic phase is a trading name of High Lane Garage. This means that it incurs less overhead expenditure than a traditional startup enterprise, as most of the costs are already borne by the parent business. HLG has nurtured contacts, trade relationships and efficiencies of operation which allow the Murson Project to “hit the ground running” and benefit our clients without the traditional teething troubles associated with a startup.

As a business which is funded and sponsored by HLG, the Murson arm has a very small impact on the environment – a negligible carbon footprint. At each stage of its progress and development these values will be closely monitored. The manufacturers Hyundai, Kia and Skoda, favoured by, but entirely independent from Murson, each have their codes of practice and good trading practices, which can be easily accessed via their websites.

HLG has an exemplary record for recycling and was given a clean bill of health by Stockport Council’s inspectors in May 2013. Murson will follow suit in all areas of recycling and reusing.

By applying the knowledge and experience of Peter’s 45 years in the industry, we feel that the Murson Project will grow organically through word of mouth and repeat business and our customer base will form a sound base for its future activities.

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